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The soul of a hotel is its staff. The Hotel Brandenburger Tor owes its outstanding reputation and its popularity among our guests to the professional attention, friendliness and helpfulness of the highly trained men and women who work for us. We are a team: the collegiality is perceptible and is dear to all of us.

In this spirit: a warm welcome to the Hotel Brandenburger Tor. We look forward to making sure that you feel good here!

Jil Vivienne Berghäuser

Direktorin / General Manager

“Alone you are unique, together you are strong.”

Ms. Berghäuser is managing the boutique Hotel Brandenburger Tor since three years with a lot of heart and dedication. As a hotel business administrator with a lot of experience, she is of course, also an expert at creating the best possible hotel comfort. With her team, they are hard working to make every guest feel comfortable. Her special attention is on the small details – because that’s what makes the difference in the end.

Antje Schönberg

Rooms Devision Manager

“Does not work, does not exist! I always find a way.”

Ms. Schoenberg initially worked as a Front Office employee since 2016, joined now the position of the Rooms Division Manager and is responsible for the Front Office. After stops in Hamburg and at the Nürburgring, she now calls herself an enthusiastic Potsdamer.

Franziska Nerenz

Front Office

“A smile is a gift that anyone can afford.”

Our wife of the first hour! Ms. Nerenz has been with us since the opening of the hotel in 2010. She is a true team player and has contributed a lot to the positive development of our team over the years. Everyone senses: Here, someone enjoys her work.

Sven Martin

Front Office / Feel Good Manager

“Open to everything beautiful; but also to the challenges, the ups and downs of life – that’s me, human and companion.”

Since 2017 Sven Martin is part of our team. The trained hotel expert loves his job and has developed his passion for Reiki, mental coaching and nutritional counseling into an additional qualification. This benefits our guests as well as the entire team.

Marcel Klicks

Front Office

“Discover the world with a smile.”

Mr. Klicks is a trained hotel expert and travels around the world as a full-time flight attendant. Since 2013 he is already part of the Front Office team and enjoys us again and again with his entertaining travel anecdotes and great souvenirs from far away countries.

Carolin Willmann

Apprentices 3rd year of apprenticeship

“Always with a smile at work.”

Mrs. Willmann almost made it! She is about to take her final exam for hotel expert and has done a great job for the last 3 years. No matter what challenge, Mrs. Willmann masters it with a smile. We are very much looking forward to soon having Mrs. Willmann in the team as a well-trained hotel expert.

Lucia Echebarria

Dual student

“The hotel team here in Potsdam is like a family to me, and Germany feels like home.”

The lively Spaniard has been in Germany for 4 years and since 2017 with us. During her studies, Mrs. Echebarria is employed in each department and is delighted and fun in the matter. Again and again, she conjures a smile to our guests with her open and sympathetic way.

Andela Guja

Dual student

“One only sees well with the heart, the essential remains invisible to the eye.”

Mrs. Guja, a native of Croatia, also passes through all departments as a dual student. She is currently working at the reception and will be happy to answer your questions and concerns. Mrs. Guja can be easily recognized by her always friendly smile and the warmth with which she greets our guests.

Elena Petrosanu

Breakfast fairy

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. And I love my job.”

Every morning Ms. Petrosanu conjures up our beloved, delicious gourmet breakfast with great attention to detail. The naturalized spaniard wants to prepare our guests with great warmth and great attention, the perfect start to the day.

Sergio Raigoza

Breakfast / Housekeeping

“La alegria es nuetra esencia”

Mr. Raigoza has been with us since last summer and since is since 2017 living in Germany. The native Colombian is proud of his origins, the beauty and diversity of his native country. Already in Colombia he worked in tourism and gained experience.

Melanie Schmidt

Front Office / Housekeeping / Breakfast

“I always come to work with a smile because I like being here.”

Ms. Schmidt is our youngest team member and is already in use throughout the house. In the front office, housekeeping and breakfast departments, Ms. Schmidt jumps in wherever she is needed most. The skilled medical assistant loves dogs! In addition to her work with us, she also runs a dog walk and care service here in Potsdam.

Friderika Kovacs


“A new country offers new and exciting opportunities.”

Since last summer, Ms. Kovacs has been part of the housekeeping team and has worked impressively fast. Just as easily, the native Hungarian has settled in her new home. Full of joy and motivation, she comes to work every morning.

Marlis Lippert


“It’s wonderful to grow old and feel so young.”

You may not see is, but Mrs Lippert is one of our oldest employees. With her tremendous energy, she spurs her young colleagues on their best every day. She is a role model for everyone and everybody knows that you can’t fool her in the job.

Stefanie Wolter


“My claim to cleanliness, for your well-being.”

The mother of two bright children has been part of the Housekeeping team since 2017. Mrs. Wolter especially appreciates the strong cohesion in our team and tackles every challenge to ensure the best possible result for our guests.

Carlos Carreno

Housekeeping / Marketing

“Everything is possible – if you want.”

The Mexican had originally applied for housekeeping, but with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and his talents as a photographer, Carlos is also working in marketing. We are very happy to have him in our team.

Charles Abbah


“Believe in yourself and endless opportunities.”

The native Nigerian has now been in Germany for 18 years and is pastor of the Christ Treasure Church International in Potsdam. With its balanced, circumspect nature, it is a real haven of peace in the hectic pace of everyday working life. Anyone who needs support, he is willing to help.

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