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Hotel Brandenburger Tor – From urban mansion to elegant city sanctuary

The reign of Frederick II saw Potsdam flourish into an urban gem, with the “second baroque city expansion” completely changing the townscape. Frederick the Great hired famous architects like Knobelsdorff, Gontard and Unger to carry out his plans; the construction of Sanssouci Palace began in 1744, transforming Potsdam into a seat of royal power.

At that time, the Brandenburg Gate marked the western edge of the city. Luisenplatz was still outside of the city and served as a wood collection area.

The complex, which today forms the central part of the Hotel Brandenburger Tor, was built between 1736 and 1785. It changed hands many times. In 1785, the king commissioned senior Hofbaurat (royal privy councillor for buildings) Manger to erect a manor on the property. Townhouses and residences for officers and higher ranking officials were also built nearby.

Just a few years prior, Frederick II had used the end of the Seven Years’ War to have the Brandenburg Gate converted into a magnificent triumphal arch. The square, which faces the city and today serves as the forecourt of the Hotel Brandenburger Tor, was a checkpoint for people and goods, though its main purpose was to accentuate the magnificent gate architecture.

Following the devastating bombing of Berlin at the end of World War II, the manor and adjacent buildings became refuges for Potsdamers who had lost their homes, and later also for refugees from the East.

The complex was partially renovated during the GDR days, and a restaurant was once again able to open its doors here, just as it has done in 1930. Brandenburger Strasse was converted into a pedestrian zone.

After the political shift in the GDR at the time of the reunification, the building lay empty for many years and almost fell into disrepair. It was not until 2005 that plans for an exclusive hotel took shape. The full, thorough renovation to restore the building to modern standards lasted five years, complying with the strict monument protection requirements.

Finally, on 20 August 2010, the Hotel Brandenburger Tor in the heart of Potsdam was officially opened. A win for the city, a huge delight for the dedicated hotel team – and a stylish home away from home for our guests.

Hotel Brandenburger Tor – exclusive hospitality in Potsdam.

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